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Law School Problems Skyrocketing, Says Watchdog Groups

Attorney Coaching"Legal education cannot continue on the current trajectory."

Problems with the country's law schools are nothing new, but according to watchdog groups - the U.S. legal education system is struggling in an almost insurmountable way.

Law school applications are headed for a 30-year low as tuition costs soar and available jobs decline. Finding a job is so tough for recent  graduates, law schools are opening firms just to place the graduates.

And then there's the issue of transparency. The American Bar Association requires law schools to disclose data about how their graduates perform on the job market, however according to the nonprofit Law School Transparency group - law schools continue to mislead and submit incomplete employment data.

To get informed about this heated debate over the state of our legal education system, I'm encouraging clients and subscribers to read the following articles.

If this is indeed a crisis, how can all of us legal professionals band together and save it?

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