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How to Look and FEEL like a Seasoned Speaker

Useful Tips for Public Speaking

Public Speaking

Public speaking is a powerful tool.

If done correctly, it can help build your reputation as an expert and generate dozen of leads. What you say, and how you get your message across, are the most important components of a persuasive public speech. Of course, speaking to the right group of people helps - but it's your message and delivery that count!

Strong speakers build their speeches around an outline. And, not just any outline will do. Your outline needs structure and should be created in three parts.

1. An introduction.

The is a critical portion of the speech. It's when you provide an overview of what's to come and really try to grab your listeners' attention. Not only that, you also need to sell them on why they should listen.

Start strongly. You have only 30 seconds to make a dynamic first impression!

2. The body.

Present your message by organizing your speech around three key points, spending approximately 10 minutes on each.

Support your points with powerful evidence that will clinch your case. Visual aids - like illustrations, statistics, and expert testimony - are also extremely helpful.

3. The conclusion.

This is the last thing people will hear - so make it strong and powerful.

Summarize your speech by recapping your key points. Motivate your audience to respond with a call for action. Ask the listeners to reflect on the issues or do some research themselves.

As you begin to draft your outline for your next speech, remember that a weak introduction will set you back. Furthermore, a bad finish will signal FAILURE.

Your points and supporting material should be strong, meaningful, and valuable to your listeners. Make every word count!

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