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What to Say When You Hear, “You’re too Expensive.”

How to Overcome the Most Common ObjectionLawyer Coaching

"You're too expensive."

It's an objection attorneys hear repeatedly, but it isn't necessarily the kiss of death. This is a lawyer's time to shine; a time to describe how the proposal has greater value than either doing nothing, or what the competitor is offering.

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One technique I tell lawyers  about is called reframing. When they hear the "too expensive" objection, I tell lawyers to reframe the objection in their minds into the form of a question. By doing this, they are putting the needs of their prospective clients first; putting themselves in their clients' shoes, so to speak.

Attorneys can reframe the objection in their minds with these questions:

- How can I justify these fees to others in my practice?

- How can I sell your hourly rate to my boss given that it's substantially higher than the other lawyer across the street?

Once the objection is reframed as a question, lawyers are able to come back with an answer or explanation quickly. A lawyer could come back and say:

"While my hourly rate is higher than other attorneys, you'll find that I spend half the hours. This leads to lower fees and, perhaps, a quicker resolution to the matter."

Think of objections has being temporary. Any attorney can overcome them and win over a client just by understanding his or her needs.

Source: Rainmaking Made Simple by Mark Maraia

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