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Book Recommendation: Blogging in One Hour for Lawyers

Lawyer CoachingBlogging is a GREAT Platform for Business Development

Think you don't have time to blog? This book will help you find the time.

It's called Blogging in One Hour for Lawyers by Ernie Svenson.

Svenson demonstrates lawyers can reach their target audience - at little to no cost - just with a blog.  An effective lawyer blog can help promote your practice, become more relevant in the search engines, and help build your professional brand.  A blog can essentially help you shape how you are perceived by clients and colleagues.

In just one hour, you will learn to:

    • Set up a blog quickly and easily
    • Write blog posts that will attract clients
    • Choose from various hosting options like Blogger, TypePad, and WordPress
    • Make your blog friendly to search engines, increasing your ranking
    • Send notice of your blog posts to Facebook and Twitter
    • Monitor your blog's traffic with Google Analytics and other tools
    • Avoid ethics problems that may result from having a legal blog

Follow the link to the ABA web store to purchase a copy of Blogging in One Hour for Lawyers and make 2013 the year you become a full-fledged blogger!

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