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Turn Bad Habits into PRODUCTIVE Habits in the New Year

Lawyer CoachingTake Action to Develop Better Habits in 2013

The new year is typically a time for reflection, a time to sit down and really think about our lives, our careers, and our families.

It's also a time when people resolve to kick their bad habits for good.

Sure, New Years resolutions are a good start.

But the key to turning negative habits into positive ones is to TAKE ACTION!

You can begin forming better habits by following this two-step approach.

1. Make a list of your bad habits.

Write down all of the habits that keep you unproductive or that might negatively impact your future. It's also a good idea to ask a friend or family member to help you objectively identify what they believe are your limiting habits.

Common limiting habits include:

  • Procrastination
  • Tardiness
  • Talking over others
  • Eating too much fast food
  • Smoking

Review your list and look for patterns.

2. Choose a productive habit and develop a way to support it.

Make adjustments to your daily schedule to accommodate this new success habit.

If your goal is to kick a procrastination habit, on Monday morning make a checklist of what must be accomplished by the end of the week. An activity like this will help keep your positive habit going AND it will keep you motivated.

Psychologists say 90% of our behavior is habitual. From the time we get up in the morning to the moment we hit the bed at night, there are literally hundreds of things we do the same every day.

AND, research shows that it takes just 13 weeks of repeat behavior for behaviors to become  habits.

This new year, why not devote 13 weeks of your life to developing a new set of firmly entrenched POSITIVE HABITS?

You'll thank yourself for it later.

Adapted from: Jack Canfield, The Success Principles: How to Get from where You Are to Where You Want to Be

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