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Get Mentally Tough NOW… and Keep it All Year Long

Two Strategies to Keep You Mentally Tough and Believing in YOURSELF!

Skills and abilities will only get you so far in life.

In the end, only the mentally tough survive.

They are the ones who are able to bounce back from challenges because they continue to stay motivated, and they believe in themselves.

Did you know that self-belief is an essential element in the makeup of the world's best performers in business and sports?

That's right!

A healthy self-belief underpins the ability to achieve goals, take risks, control fear, and learn from mistakes.


Overcome low self-esteem by setting your own self-belief goals.

Here are two strategies, as presented by performance psychologist Graham Jones, to get you started.

1. Highlight your skills and abilities.

These are the reasons you have risen to where you are in life, although in tough times people sometimes overlook the many accomplishments they have achieved thus far.

Listing your skills and the tangible achievements that have resulted from them highlights evidence of your professional and personal successes.

2.  Truly believe that you can achieve your goals.

Goals that are both realistic and appropriately challenging motivate you to achieve your performance expectations. But it’s also important to focus on the individual steps that will lead to each goal, as focusing solely on the ultimate outcome only adds to pressure. For example, reaching partnership may be the ultimate outcome goal, but component goals like building up your book of business and developing your leadership skills are fundamental to the process of rising in your firm as well.

Remember, self-belief is an essential part of internal motivation.

Energize your career and your mind by believing in yourself!

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