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Silence Your Inner Critic

Lawyer CoachingHow to Turn Your Inner Critic into an Inner Coach

We've all had conversations with our inner critics. You know the ones. They happen after you have given a speech, made a presentation, interviewed for a job, or led an important meeting. Your inner critic chimes in, telling you how you messed up, what you should have done differently, and how you could and should have done it better.

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Those conversations hurt, yet they happen all the time. And, the problem is if you listen to these conversations for too long they will start to undermine your self-confidence, demoralize you - even paralyze you!

The good news: You can redirect that type of communication with yourself and make it more supportive.

To do this, first you MUST stand up to your inner critic.  The next time you hear that voice, tell your inner critic to stop criticizing. Tell that voice that you are simply not willing to listen to any more browbeating. Tell the voice that the ONLY thing you want to listen to are specific steps you can take to do it better the next time.

No more put downs! It's time to focus on improvements!

When you silence your inner critic, that critic will become your inner coach that points out ways to improve future results.

You can't change the past, but you can look to the future and improve your performance for next time.

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