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Realize the Importance of Keeping Your Word

Lawyer CoachingAgreements are NOT Meant to be Broken

Are you a man or woman of your word? You may think so, but think for a moment about all of the commitments and agreements you have made in recent years - how many of them did you actually keep?

Chances are you dropped the ball on at least one or two.

Harmless, right? Wrong.

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Not keeping your word and failing to follow through on your agreements brings many consequences. Not only are you burning bridges, you are losing trust, respect, and credibility with others. You are creating messes in the lives of those people who were counting on you.

There are internal consequences as well. When you don't follow through, you learn to distrust yourself - losing self esteem, self confidence, and self respect. Ouch!

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It's time to take your agreements more seriously! Here are some tips to help you keep your word.

  • Make commitments you intend to keep. Take a few seconds to consider the agreement and if it's something you really want to do. Whatever you do, do NOT make an agreement just because you are looking for approval.
  • Learn to say NO. If saying no is hard for you, write the word down. Do it over and over. Post sticky notes of the word. Seeing "No" will remind you to say it when the time is right.
  • Write down all of your commitments. Don't drop the ball because of forgetfulness. Write down all of your agreements and review them daily. Research shows that when you don't write something down or make some effort to store it in long-term memory, the memory can be lost in as little as 37 seconds.

If you want to earn and keep the respect and trust of others then you MUST keep your word - always.

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