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Is Your Professional Profile Picture Misleading?

Lawyer CoachingIt's Time to Take a Closer Look at Your Online Photos

Everyone wants to look their best - even online. But have you thought that maybe - just maybe - one of your online profile pictures may actually be misleading?

Trust me. It's not that far-fetched.

Think about a businessperson you know, someone with a reasonably high profile. Think about what they look like in person based on your face-to-face encounters, and compare that vision to his or her profile picture on Facebook.

Look like the same person?

Probably not.

Now, there's absolutely no reason to NOT look good in your photos. After all, potential clients tend to want to do business with attractive people. BUT, don't try to look too good... too intense... or too artsy... ect. You are who you are and the good news is clients actually also want to deal with real people.

So when choosing an appropriate profile picture, DO:

Use personal photos that flatter but don't mislead. Pick photos that look natural. Think about how you will look when you first meet a client, and try to match that look. Avoid disconnects between photos and real life as much as possible.

Don't misrepresent your office or surroundings. Try to show your facilities to their best advantage without misrepresenting the reality. Someday, someone will visit.

You are a lawyer, not a celebrity. Actors, performers, etc. make a living based at least partly on how they look. You don't. You make a living based on what you do. Always keep that in mind.

Article adapted from article Rethink Your Profile Professional Profile Photos by Jeff Haden.

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