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The App that Cuts Through Email Clutter

Lawyer CoachingAwayFind Sends You Notification of Urgent Email Messages

We're all slaves to our inboxes. We check them constantly. And why shouldn't we? Urgent emails can come in at anytime, and when they do - we want to see them - IMMEDIATELY.

But the next time you step away from your PC for a business meeting or restroom break, don't fret about missing those incoming emails. Let AwayFind pick up the slack.

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AwayFind automatically connects you with priority colleagues so you can ignore the bulk of your email and know the important stuff will get through.

You can easily set up alerts for messages from important people. When you get an email from a boss, important coworker, spouse, or anyone else whom you specify, you can get alerted any way you prefer -- voice message, text message or email to a different account. It's a powerful way to get notified about important email even if you don't sit in front of your inbox all day long.

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The service goes a step further, allowing you to set up alerts for emails that contain specific keywords. Basically, if you're waiting for a message on a particular topic, you'll get alerted for that as well.

AwayFind's basic service is free, but it limits you to just 10 alerts per month. There are a few premium levels, such as the Personal plan (100 alerts per month for $50 a year) and Professional (1000 alerts for $150 a year).

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