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3 Rules of Great Legal Marketing Copy

Lawyer CoachingEssential Tips to Boost Your Marketing Message

There's no doubt that writing marketing copy takes skill. BUT, it's a skill anyone can learn. Even you can master the marketing subtleties of gentle persuasion and creativity.

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Here are some essential rules to help you launch a successful legal marketing campaign and boost your ROI.

1. Focus on clients' needs.

Too many marketing messages are egocentric. But, quite frankly, clients don't care about you or your firm. They care about themselves; their own needs.

Make it your goal to convince potential clients that the service you're selling will meet their needs. Focus on the benefits clients will receive if they retain you. Your copy should reflect what your firm can do for them; how you can make their lives easier.

2. Customize your messages.

Your marketing copy should not be used universally. Instead, customize it according to the medium with which you're using. Billboard platforms, for example, should contain very short, poignant messages, leaving no room for confusion. Remember, those potential clients who'll be looking at the billboard will be in their cars and will have only seconds to see it.

For direct-mail pieces, your copy should be more detailed with messages that answer questions. It's also helpful to create a sense of urgency to boost response rates.

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3. Know your audience.

The language and tone of your copy should speak directly to the people who will see it. Copy for senior citizens should be quite different from copy targeted to young married couples. It's also important to omit jargon unless your copy is intended for an audience that will understand and expect it. For example, a business-to-business ad might be an appropriate place for jargon.

Finally, you don't have to sound smart to write good copy. Speak how you would like to be spoken to. Envision words that would catch your own attention. And, always practice and test your message out on family, friends, and colleagues before an official launch.

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