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How to Build Better Business Relationships

Lawyer Coaching3 Important Ways to Nurture Your Network

On the heels of a 1-hour coaching webinar I just conducted on how to successfully work a room, I thought it would be fitting to devote this post to strengthening and building your network.

Your network... your contacts... your business relationships are perhaps the most important assets you have. Lose them and you'll essentially lose your practice. In order to keep your network safe and sound, you must work on fostering it - and getting the most value from it.

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Here are three essential ways to build better business relationships... and keep them blooming:

1. What value can you provide them?

Focus on ways you can help your contacts, NOT on ways they can help you. Think of some ways you can help someone with limited time and resource investment. Doing this will ensure that you'll be top of mind next time this person or someone in their network has a need that fits your area of expertise.

2. Broker new relationships.

This can do wonders for your professional brand. Simply make an introduction between two people in your network who share a common interest or challenge. Think of the new, individual relationships you'll foster!

3. Step away from the wall.

If you're shy about forming new relationships and networking in a room full of people, I urge you to seek help in getting over your apprehension. Stepping outside your comfort zone can ultimately help you form new, productive relationships whenever an opportunity arises. Sure, it's not an easy task - but it's a fruitful one.

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Invest time in your network. Having high-quality business relationships will pay off in dividends for your personal and professional development.

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