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Think Before You SPEAK!

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7 Things Your Boss Doesn't Want to Hear

Do you want to get in good with your boss and clients?

Think before you speak!

A huge part of maintaining a HEALTHY WORKING RELATIONSHIP is to never allow a boss or client think you are incapable of doing your work, or - worse  - consider it beneath you.

What you say around the office can damage your image and ruin relationships.

Before you speak up, reflect on these seven statements that are anything but harmless.

1. That's not my job.

Bosses and clients don't want to hear this  - ever.

Even if you're assigned a task that is, indeed, not your job, refrain from saying so. If you believe the task is a bad idea, you can try explaining why and suggesting how it could be better done by someone else.

2. It's not my problem.

This statement often makes people look like they don't care.

If a problem is brewing and you have nothing constructive to say - keep quiet! It's better to say nothing at all.

Keep in mind that a problem in the workplace is everyone's dilemma to solve. You are in it together.

3. It's not my fault.

Claiming that something is not your fault often has the result of making people suspect it is.

Don't think about who is to blame when something goes wrong. Think about how to fix it.

4. I can only do one thing at a time.

Complaints about being overworked will never make people feel sorry for you. Instead, your boss will think that either you resent your job, or you aren't up for it.

Keep your thoughts about being overworked to yourself -  because no one wants to listen!

5.  I am overqualified for this job.

Complaining that your job is beneath you will only make coworkers resent and dislike you.

Come to terms with the fact that this is the job you have and you agreed to take it on.

6. This job is easy! Anyone could do it.

Bosses don't like hearing that any work is stupid. Nor do they really like hearing that a job is too easy. It belittles the whole company.

If a task is simple, be glad and do it as quickly as you can.

7. It can't be done.

This statement is often a red flag in a boss's eyes. Saying it can make you look incapable.

If you truly feel that you're in over your head, search for doable ways of solving the problem or reaching the  goal. Put on your thinking cap and make yourself a problem solver!

Many of us have probably mentioned these statements once or twice around the office. Slip-ups will happen. So let this information be your official kick in the rear!

Be thankful for the work that you have - and keep your thoughts to yourself!

Adapted from article 7 Things Never to Say to Your Boss by Karen Burns.

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