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Lawyer CoachTips to Help Make Sure Clients Call YOU for New Work

When a new legal issue arises with one of your clients, you want them to pick up the phone and call you immediately. To ensure this, you have to stay top of mind; be the very first person they think of when legal help is needed.

Easier said than done, right?

Well, not so fast.

Staying top of mind is easy if you apply the following advice put forth by consultant Tom Kane and Ric Willmot. Kane recently cited and commented on Willmot's five tips for building valuable relationships with clients and prospects - and "staying front of mind."

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1. Understand your prospects and clients.

Visit or at least talk with clients and prospects by telephone off the clock regarding their plans, problem issues within their company and industry. You can’t understand the client or prospects if you don't spend time getting to know them better, as well as their problems, interests and businesses.

2. Provide value when you touch base.

When you talk to the clients, prospects and referral sources give them something of value. It could be some insight or knowledge that will help them personally or with their business goals.

3. Expand their knowledge of you.

Tell stories about your life, interests and dreams. Yes, they do need to know about your capabilities, but that should not come across as selling.

4. Bring diversity to the way you make contact.

One contact might be by email, another by telephone, or a handwritten note passing along an article. Other times it might involve a lunch or invitation to a cultural or sporting event.

5. Build relationships rather than continuously attempting to sell.

Rather than sell yourself, try to figure out a way to help them first. It’s the old “give to get” reasoning where you try to help the other person first, before trying to get something from them.

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These are all excellent points, and they demonstrate that valuable client relationships are key to business sustainability. Happy clients keep coming back for more  - always.

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