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Adopt a Resilient Mindset

Secrets to Recovering from Setbacks and Staying Positive

There is no way to sugar coat it: The economy has not been nice to us these last couple of years. Selling services has been especially tough on lawyers as some clients and prospects simply don't have the budgets to pay for legal fees.

Resilience is critical in tough times. We must have the ability push through challenges; wait out tough situations with patience and confidence.

Easier said than done, right?

Not necessarily.

Here are five ways to develop a resilient mindset - and stay positive in any situation.

1. Learn from your mistakes.

Rather than feeling down that you made 100 calls without hearing back from a single prospect, take a long hard look at your approach. Perhaps you called the wrong people, or called them at the wrong time.

Maybe your message is wrong. Think it through, and focus on something different about your legal service or firm.

2. Face fear head-on.

Every single entrepreneur has faced fear, especially when something goes awry. Whether you've stumbled during a key speaking engagement, had a heated conversation with a client, or simply dropped the ball on an important case - figure out what it would take to be successful and move forward, despite your fears.

3. Open up to colleagues.

Don't keep your feelings to yourself when times are tough- open up. It's actually better to share your struggles with a trusted colleague. Cathartic discussions with a colleague who has empathy for your situation will help you let go of anxiety and negative feelings.

4. Extend your network.

Seek out a broader network. Talk to others about their business and your business, find out who they know and share your contacts. You never know where you might find new clients.

5. Take a mental health break.

Sometimes a time-out is all we need to recharge and re-think priorities. Take a mental health break that lasts a couple of hours or even a day. That will help you to start fresh and project positivity.

Remember - prospective clients will be turned off if they sense that you're desperate. If you're feeling down and out, it's time for you to look within yourself to begin the recovery process - and get resilient!

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