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Grade Yourself: 5 Signs of Successful Networking

Here's How to Measure Success After an Important Networking Event

All of us know about the rigors of networking. It's not an easy task, especially for painfully shy wallflowers.

SAVVY NETWORKERS decide in advance what results they want to achieve from a particular networking event.

Here are five signs that your networking efforts were productive.

  1. Make at least one calendar entry to do something for someone you met, then follow through! Pick up the phone and give them a call or shoot them a quick e-mail.  Remember, relationship marketing is about finding ways to bring value to other before you ask them to do something for you.
  2. You call someone whom you enjoyed meeting and suggest a meeting to get know that person better and advance the relationship.
  3. You engage in at least one substantive conversation and leave with their contact information.
  4. You make at least one introduction during the networking event, bringing two people you know together for their mutual benefit.  That generous gesture will flow back to you in time.
  5. You find the specific person, perhaps a client, you've been eager to meet and commit to a subsequent meeting.

Remember, it's important to collect BUSINESS CARDS from people you meet for the first time and with whom you really hit it off.  Follow up with those new contacts within 24 to 48 hours through an  email or phone call that proposes getting together.

Start applying these ideas and you'll achieve rainmaker status in no time.

And, who knows. You may even find that networking can be enjoyable!

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